COVID-19 rapid gender assessments

Rapid Gender Assesments on the socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19

As the pandemic forced governments to improvise responses, UN Women moved quickly to collect data on how COVID-19 was impacting women and men to inform decision-making. Between March 2020 and March 2021, rapid gender assessments (RGAs) were conducted in at least 52 countries. The RGAs focused on five areas of concern: 1) economic activities and resources; 2) unpaid domestic and care work; 3) access to goods and services, 4) emotional and physical wellbeing; and 5) relief measures.

The surveys confirmed that women and men are experiencing the pandemic differently. The findings have since been used to inform critical gender-responsive policies and recovery plans to build back better.  

Below, RGA data across countries can be explored through regional groupings, with some indicators comparable at the global level. 

Explore the data on the socioeconomic impacts of the pandemic






Download the data

Region Summary data Micro data Questionnaire
Asia and the Pacific XLSX   PDF
Arab states XLSX CSV (4.1 MB) PDF
Europe and Central Asia XLSX CSV (5.3 MB) PDF
East and Southern Africa XLSX CSV (15.1 MB) PDF
West and Central Africa XLSX CSV (4.2 MB) PDF
Americas and the Caribbean XLSX CSV (1.4 MB)


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