Projects are initiated in pathfinder countries, to provide technical support on improving the production and use of gender statistics for better SDG monitoring, as well as other national commitments. The criteria to become a pathfinder country include: a commitment to women’s and girls’ rights and to high statistical standards; country-level demand including demonstrable commitment to improve gender statistics; and motivation to be part of a global and inclusive learning process on gender statistics.

An independent assessment led to the selection of 12 pathfinder countries, all of which have set up projects: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Morocco, Nepal and Bangladesh began in 2017. The remaining countries followed suit in 2018 and 2019: Senegal, Albania, Cameroon, Colombia, Jordan, and Sierra Leone.

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Regional projects are underway in Europe and Central Asia, Asia and the Pacific and Africa. Women Count regional projects provide technical support to the pathfinder countries (as well as some non-pathfinder countries) in their regions, to support national plans to localize and monitor the SDGs. The regional offices are also involved in advocacy with stakeholders for gender equality to be taken into consideration in regional reporting and intergovernmental mechanisms; for the regular production of gender statistics; and to promote South–South cooperation and sharing of best practices.

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Europe & Central Asia

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Work at the global level includes: advocacy to improve gender statistics; working with partner agencies to make methodological improvements on SDG indicators for which UN Women is the custodian agency; and global monitoring of gender-related SDG targets.