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News|Gender and COVID-19
New report sounds the alarm on the impact of COVID-19 on gender equality in East and Southern Africa
Paris21 e-learning course
Announcement|Gender data training
UN Women and PARIS21 offer new course on communicating gender statistics
Event|Gender and COVID-19
COVID-19 rapid gender assessments in Latin America
Counted and Visible toolkit
Event|Gender data production and collection
Webinar: Counted and Visible toolkit
Micheque Nhambazi (left) and Bencio Mizinho (right) conduct house-to-house surveys in Mozambique, as part of a programme to combat river blindness. It's important to gather survey data from marginalized groups. Photo: Alyssa Marriner/Sightsavers 2019
Event|Leave no one behind
The things we’ve learned about collecting inclusive data
Photo: UN Women
Event|Gender and COVID-19
Learning from and using surveys to assess the gendered socio-economic impacts of COVID-19
Photo: Rodríguez de Jesús Cynthia (ONU)
Event|Gender data production and collection
Webinar: Measuring time use and quantifying care
COVID-19 emergency response activities, Madartek, Basabo, Dhaka. Photo: UN Women
News|Gender and COVID-19
UN Women surveys reveal that women are bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic
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