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sustainable development goal 5 sdg5 on gender equality
Guest contributor|SDG monitoring
Why data matters for progress on gender equality
Photo: UN Women/Mohammad Rakibul Hasan
Why we need gender and environment data on the agenda at COP28
Photo: UN Women/Piyavit Thongsa-Ard
Research highlight|Economic empowerment
Caring for carers: Recognizing the rights and contributions of older women
Accelerating Gender Equality: The Power of Smart Data Investments
Opinion|Gender data
Accelerating Gender Equality: The Power of Smart Data Investments
Photo: UN Women/Amanda Voisard
Gender data story|Gender data gaps
Four steps leaders can take to harness the power of gender data for the SDGs
Photo: Vincent Tremeau / World Bank
Impact story|Economic empowerment
Time-use data in Senegal spur advocacy, policy and programme revisions
Illustration: Tatyana Zelenskaya for Kloop Media
Impact story|Gender data
In Kyrgyzstan, data journalists innovate to inform new audiences about gender inequalities
why climate change matters for gender equality. Photo: Md Harun Or Rashid
Research highlight|Environment
Why climate change matters for women
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