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Photo: UN Women/Mohammad Rakibul Hasan
Why we need gender and environment data on the agenda at COP28
Photo: UN Women/Piyavit Thongsa-Ard
Research highlight|Economic empowerment
Caring for carers: Recognizing the rights and contributions of older women
Accelerating Gender Equality: The Power of Smart Data Investments
Opinion|Gender data
Accelerating Gender Equality: The Power of Smart Data Investments
Photo: UN Women/Amanda Voisard
Gender data story|Gender data gaps
Four steps leaders can take to harness the power of gender data for the SDGs
Photo: Vincent Tremeau / World Bank
Impact story|Economic empowerment
Time-use data in Senegal spur advocacy, policy and programme revisions
Illustration: Tatyana Zelenskaya for Kloop Media
Impact story|Gender data
In Kyrgyzstan, data journalists innovate to inform new audiences about gender inequalities
why climate change matters for gender equality. Photo: Md Harun Or Rashid
Research highlight|Environment
Why climate change matters for women
Students in the renewable energy lab at the University of Rwanda. Digital inclusion and literacy skills are critical factors for women’s and girls’ well-being and success. ©World Bank/Kelley Lynch
Opinion|Technology and Innovation
Accelerating action on gender equality
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