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Model Questionnaire Measuring the nexus between gender and environment
Model questionnaire: Measuring the nexus between gender and environment

The lives of women and men are intrinsically connected with the environment. Understanding the multi-dimensional nature of the gender-environment nexus requires individual level analysis of women’s and men’s experiences managing natural resources, dealing with hazards, coping with the consequences of climate change and promoting environmental conservation, among many other areas.

To support the collection of official statistics on the gender-environment nexus, UN Women developed this Model Questionnaire, in close consultation with FAO, ILO, IUCN, SPC, UNEP, UNDRR and UNESCAP. This innovative tool is expected to help countries interested in collecting data on the gender-environment nexus design their national surveys. It can be implemented in full or some modules can be attached to other multipurpose surveys. The use of the full questionnaire returns more than 200 indicators on the gender-environment nexus. 

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