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Women Count annual report 2022
Women Count annual report 2022

Women Count Phase II aims to sustain the important gains achieved under Phase I and continue to strengthen investments in gender data that contribute to global efforts to accelerate progress towards the SDGs by 2030. In 2022, the first year of implementation of Phase II, investments in gender data have continued to bear fruit. This annual report highlights the successes as a result of this second phase, such as:

  • For the first time, we have crossed the symbolic 50% mark in terms of gender data availability, with 51% of SDG gender data now available (up from 26% in 2016). 
  • In Africa, increased coordination and partnerships with key regional players paved the way for the third Africa Programme on Gender Statistics, which will be instrumental for strengthening coordinated action on gender statistics across the continent.
  • Data from violence against women and time-use surveys completed in Phase I are fuelling advocacy and resulting in policy changes in multiple countries, including Colombia, Senegal and Uganda. 
  • New data on gender and the environment are now being generated through national surveys in Tonga and other countries in Asia and the Pacific, thanks to UN Women’s role in methodological advances in data production.
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