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Albania VAW survey

National Population Survey 2018: Violence Against Women and Girls in Albania

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is not a new phenomenon in Albania, it has deep roots in the patriarchal traditions and customs that have long-shaped Albania, including strict gender identities and roles, patriarchal authority, adherence to an honour-and-shame system, customs of hierarchal ordering within the family, and intergenerational family control. 
The 2018 National VAWG Survey in Albania was developed to measure the nature and extent of five different types of VAWG (intimate partner domestic violence, dating violence, non-partner violence, sexual harassment, and, stalking) and social norms related to VAWG. The study consisted of a national population-based household survey conducted across each of the 12 prefectures in Albania. A stratified sample design was used for selecting women for sampling. The goal was to generate a sample of women 18-74 that would allow for the production of statistically reliable national estimates of the prevalence of VAWG. 

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Author(s): UN Women, Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), and partners

Publication year: 2019

Number of pages: 144

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