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VAW RGA guidance on data collection
Measuring the shadow pandemic: Collecting violence against women data through telephone interviews. An evidence-based technical guidance

UN Women conducted Rapid Gender Assessments on the impact of COVID-19 on violence against women (VAW RGAs) in 13 countries, in collaboration with Ipsos and with support from national statistical offices and national women’s machineries. The VAW RGAs provided a first opportunity to test existing guidance and recommendations on remote data collection for VAW, and as a result, gathered learnings and empirical evidence, both in terms of safety protocols and VAW measurement.

This guidance offers a set of recommendations based on these learnings, to ensure the ethical and safe conduct of VAW data collection through computer-assisted telephone interviewing. It also complements UN Women and WHO’s brief on violence against women and girl’s data collection during COVID-19.

Additional resources on the VAW RGAs project, including methodological note and questionnaires used can be found on the VAW RGA page

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