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Kenya National Gender Statistics Assessment
Kenya National Gender Statistics Assessment

The purpose of this national gender statistics assessment was to carry out a national needs assessment in Kenya to develop a workplan that can help to address three broad needs:

  1. an enabling environment;
  2. data production; and
  3. data accessibility.

This assessment is expected to form the foundation for the implementation of UN Women’s gender statistics programme Making Every Woman and Girl Count (Women Count) in Kenya and to provide the inputs necessary to develop a detailed workplan for project implementation. The specific objectives of the assessment were to:

  1. conduct a detailed review of gender statistics in the National Statistical System (NSS), including documenting the extent to which gender equality is mainstreamed into the NSS;
  2. identify gender data gaps to monitor the gender-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) indicators and other national gender-related priorities; and
  3. assess the extent to which the data produced are made available and used to inform policies and the implementation of programmes.
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