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Insights from big data analysis in Asian countries
COVID-19 and Violence Against Women: The evidence behind the talk

Social distancing measures have posed challenges to collecting official statistics on the prevalence of VAWG, as many face-to-face surveys have been interrupted due to fear of infection. Remote (non face-to-face) surveys on this topic carry some methodological, ethical and safety challenges, and thus have not enabled the collection of data on prevalence since COVID-19 started. Considering these limitations, and with the goal of gathering proxy information on related trends, UN Women partnered with Quilt.AI and UNFPA to conduct analysis of big data in eight countries: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore. The analysis identified trends from discourse data generated across social media platforms and search engines. In particular, big data on people’s search behaviour on VAWG-related topics (both before the onset of the pandemic and since) were considered.

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