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Webinar: Measuring time use and quantifying care
Photo: Rodríguez de Jesús Cynthia (ONU)
Photo: Rodríguez de Jesús Cynthia (ONU)

20 August 9 - 10:30 am ET

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The webinar, Measuring time use and quantifying care: Challenges and strategies in the design and harmonization of time-use surveys, will present the key findings of the studies by Nancy Folbre and Jacques Charmes from their recent research with UN Women on better methodological approaches to design and conduct time-use surveys, as well as to improve comparability and methods of harmonization across national surveys. It will also provide an opportunity to present an update on the work of the UN Expert Group on Innovative and Effective Ways to Collect Time-Use Statistics (EG-TUS) as part of the global conversation around time use.

The webinar is organized by the Global Centre of Excellence on Gender Statistics (CEGS), which is part of the Women Count programme.

About CEGS

CEGS is a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation on gender statistics. Based in Mexico, the CEGS contributes to the strategic efforts of UN Women and INEGI to strengthen data production and use in key emerging issues related to gender equality. Through its work, the CEGS aims to contribute to the implementation and monitoring of the main international commitments on women’s rights and gender equality including CEDAW, the Beijing Platform for Action, and the 2030 Agenda.

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