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UN Women at the World Data Forum
World Data Forum

What is the World Data Forum?

The UN World Data Forum brings together data and statistical experts and users from governments, civil society, media and other key stakeholders to build a pathway to better data for sustainable development. The Forum is hosted by the Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland from 3-6 October, and is conducted in a hybrid format whereby some sessions take place in person in Bern, Switzerland while others are virtual.


How is UN Women engaging?

UN Women will be speaking on innovations in data collection, including our rapid gender assessments, highlighting how they have been used to inform recovery plans and policies. Another focus is on intersectionality, and examining how data disaggregation can be used to leave no one behind, using examples from the Counted and Visible toolkit. Ultimately, building better gender data systems can only be possible through investments, which is also a priority for UN Women.

Below is a schedule of sessions where UN Women is participating. If you want to attend any of them, register now.

October 4 

(TA2.13) Positioning Household Surveys in the Next Decade
3-4 pm CET/9 am ET

Speaker: Papa Seck, Chief, Research and Data

The Inter-Secretariat Working Group on Household Surveys (ISWGHS) has organized this session to present its  position paper on the future of household surveys and priority areas for countries to build resilient household survey systems, and to showcase innovative approaches of its members. UN Women will focus on innovative approaches to data collection in the context of COVID-19, specifically on our recent rapid gender assessments, and will provide new insights from data use to enhance the the value of household surveys.

(TA1.05) Bridging the Gap: Forging networks to address gender data gaps
3-4 pm CET/9 am ET

Speaker: Jessamyn Encarnacion, Inter-Regional Advisor on Statistics

This session, organized by Data2X and UN Women, will highlight the power of networks and multi-stakeholder partnerships to drive action on gender data—with specific attention to how they can generate technical, capacity building, networking, financing and data accessibility solutions. UN Women will highlight the recent Counted and Visible toolkit that provides resources for countries to generate disaggregated gender statistics from existing household data, and the partnership with ISWGHS in developing the toolkit.

5 October

(TA3.15) The legacy of COVID-19: Mobilizing gender data to deliver better science
4:15 pm CET/10:15 am ET

Speaker: Papa Seck, Chief, Research and Data

This session will engage gender data experts on current COVID-19 trends by gender and sex, gaps and opportunities to improve measurement and methods on gender and COVID-19, and policy implications and planned pursuits to build the landscape of these data and their use. UN Women will present on our rapid gender assessments on violence against women and the gendered socio-economic impacts under the pandemic, and offer insights on how this research can be used to affect policy and gender budgeting. The session is organized by the EMERGE Project - the Center on Gender Equity and Health (GEH) at UC San Diego, Università della Svizzera Italiana and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

6 October

(TA4.09) The interactive gameshow: How much do you know about gender data shaping our world?
1:45 pm CET/7:45 am ET

Speaker: Jessamyn Encarnacion, Inter-Regional Advisor on Statistics

Through an interactive game show organized by UN Women, participants will explore how much they know about how gender data is used and shapes people’s views of the world around them. Through a series of quiz questions, a range of topics will be explored, accompanied by perspectives from a panel of experts. UN Women will reflect on the findings on unpaid care work from the recent rapid gender assessments in 57 countries.


The Global Forum on Gender Statistics

In the lead-up to the World Data Forum, the 8th Global Forum on Gender Statistics will be held from 30 September – 1 October 2021 in a virtual format. Join UN Women at:

Session I: Effective use of gender statistics and data for policy making and monitoring, including in times of crisis

30 September 8:50 - 10:00 am ET

Speaker: Papa Seck, Chief, Research and Data

UN Women will present on mobilizing resources to fill new and old gender data gaps.

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