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EUROSTAT and UN Women launch a joint e-training programme on using SDMX for gender data
Screenshot of SDMX training

The new e-training programme comprises 5 modules that take trainees through the basics of Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) and focuses, in particular, on performing exchanges of gender data and metadata.

Available on-line and free of charge, this training is well suited for statisticians, IT specialists and any other data producers who wish to exchange data and metadata between databases seamlessly. The on-line modules include numerous examples, exercises and tests for the trainee to be able to practice exchanges with mock datasets.

It is expected that this training will help reduce the reporting burden of data producers, particularly for SDG data, and enable more timely and accurate exchanges between central data repositories and provincial databases in countries. After completing this training, some participants within the Asia-Pacific region will be invited to attend a follow-up face-to-face advanced training in Bangkok. 

The training on using SDMX for gender data and metadata can be accessed through the following ways:

1.    For users who do not have a UN Women Training Centre account: 

2.    For users who already have a UN Women Training Centre account: 

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