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Toolkit to review COVID-19 related socio-economic impact studies and related activities

Given limited data availability, the immediate response of UN Country Teams has been to initiate socio-economic impact assessment studies, primarily based on the analysis of secondary data and information, but also sometimes including primary data collection based on telephonic interviews, SMS or online surveys. This created the need for the rapid development of some guidelines that can be used by UN Women Multi and Country Offices when participating in multi-disciplinary teams involved in the design and execution of socio-economic impact studies.

This toolkit provides gender-specific guidance to UN Women country offices when they review and provide inputs into socio-economic impact assessments related to COVID-19. Guidance is provided along the whole research value chain from inception to the production and use of the report.

Key words:

COVID-19, gender, data, research, statistics, socio-economic impact assessments.

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