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Rapid Assessment: Impact of the War in Ukraine on Women’s Civil Society Organizations
Rapid Assessment: Impact of the war in Ukraine on women’s civil society organizations

Since the beginning of the Russian military invasion, Ukraine is rapidly emerging as one of the world’s most complex emergencies with over 2.8 million refugees already fleeing the country and with steadily growing humanitarian needs. Women’s groups and civil society organizations (CSOs) have been quick to react to the immediate priorities of their communities, but face many challenges as they attempt to provide support to large numbers of internally displaced people, host-communities and those directly affected by violence and insecurity.

To better understand the situation for women’s CSOs, UN Women has conducted a rapid survey to help inform the decision-making of national and international stakeholders, and advocate for the support of civil society during the war. The survey was distributed online through UN Women networks, between March 4th and March 10th and received responses from 67 civil society organizations from across the country. The information in this report also includes findings from group consultations organized between UN Women and women CSOs with participation of the national gender machinery.

In Ukraine, UN Women will continue to prioritize the needs of women and girls during the crisis caused by war in close cooperation with women’s civil society organizations and other partners. Through several upcoming rapid gender analyses, UN Women will seek to inform the humanitarian response and will advocate for the priorities of all, including those from the most vulnerable groups.

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