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gender climate technical report asia-pacific
Gendered analysis of the impact of climate change on poverty, productivity and food insecurity

Climate change threatens livelihoods with evidence suggesting that it may increase poverty, hunger, conflict, and gender inequality. Already vulnerable regions, like the Asia-Pacific, are particularly threatened due to their heavy dependence on ecosystem services. However, while climate change is expected to have deleterious effects on human development, the magnitude of those effects, especially on the most marginalized women and girls, remains poorly understood. This report seeks to model the gendered effects of climate change on poverty, productivity, and food insecurity with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region and six priority countries in the Appendix.

The report uses the International Futures (IFs) model to forecast five scenarios, built on assumptions from literature, with varying levels of climate change to determine a potential range of impact that climate change could have on development and specifically women.

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