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Regional workshop on communicating gender data builds bridge between data users and producers
Data users and producers from across the Asia-Pacific region come together to discuss how to better communicate gender data. Photo: UN Women/Hansol Park.
Communicating gender data workshop

On 11-13 June, about 30 participants from across the Asia-Pacific region came together for a workshop on 'Communicating gender data promoting better use and delivering impactful messages'. They included data producers from national statistical offices (NSOs) and data users from civil society, line ministries and the media. The workshop was a unique opportunity for building dialogue between users and producers of data so they can better understand each others needs and challenges, and together advocate for more and better gender data.

Data users learned the basics of statistical literacy, and how to use gender data in advocacy but also to advocate for better gender data. In turn, data producers learned from their stakeholders how to better communicate their data products, learned about gender data visualization techniques, received training on media messaging and techniques to make gender statistics appealing to the general public.

One of the key outcomes of this workshop will be the development of a set of guidelines for communicating gender data, which will also set up standards for replicating this workshop in other regions. 

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