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Online open consultation on the global indicator framework for monitoring the targets of the Generation Equality Action Coalitions
Photo: UN Women/Fabrice Gentile

Public comment period:
6 December 2021 – 24 December 2021


Note: the consultation is now closed and no new entries will be accepted.

This consultation on indicators for Action Coalitions Targets is open to all Action Coalition stakeholders, governments, civil society, youth-led organizations, private sector, UN agencies, academia and others. This public commenting period is designed to promote transparency and accountability in the indicator selection process for monitoring the Action Coalition Targets over the next five years. Participants are encouraged to provide their endorsements for current indicator proposals and/or alternate indicator proposals (if any) and other relevant feedback in the publicly available google form below. We ask participants to carefully read the instructions before filling out the form.

Global Indicator Framework Consultation Form


Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding:

  1. The current list of proposed indicators for the monitoring of Action Coalitions Targets are available here. Participants in the consultation are strongly encouraged to review and familiarize themselves with this initial list before entering their feedback in the google form link provided above. 
  2. Prior to providing comments, please read the relevant background information including the Action Coalition blueprint report: Global Acceleration Plan and the FAQ section below. 
  3. Please consult with colleagues within your organization prior to completing the online consultation form in order to limit the number of submissions to one per organization.
  4. Please note, only one indicator will be selected per target, priority is placed on indicators that are fit for purpose (i.e. are well aligned with the target), have already been agreed as part of the Action Coalition blueprint consultation (see Global Acceleration Plan), and/or are aligned with other global monitoring frameworks, e.g. the Sustainable Development Goals. 


If you encounter any problems with the online form or have any questions regarding its completion, please contact 

Thank you for your participation in this consultation. 

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