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Credit: Bui Dinh Thang.
Hidden Figures|Gender data
Hidden figures: Does gender disparity exist even in love and happiness?
The origin and destination of international migrants (2019)
Data Bite|Migration
The origin and destination of international migrants (2019)
Noel Wanjia wants her research to change norms and promote free and safe spaces for women to speak out about their experiences. Photo: UN Women/Luke Horswell
Gender data story|Gender data
Student research grants bolster gender analysis in Kenya
UN Photo/Tim McKulka
Research highlight|Peace and security
Where do we stand on the Women, Peace and Security agenda?
Nyhira and her mother use the Makola Market Childcare Centre in Accra. Photo: UN Women/Ruth McDowall
Research highlight|Economic empowerment
Bringing equality home: the power of families to advance women’s rights
Gender snapshot
Research highlight|Gender data gaps
What progress has been made on achieving gender equality?
Photo: UN Women/Pathumporn Thongking
Data Bite|Economic empowerment
Women's labour force participation and marital status
Woman in Georgia
Hidden Figures|Data use
Hidden Figures: Using gender data for change
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