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Photo: UN Women/Piyavit Thongsa-Ard
Research highlight|Economic empowerment
Caring for carers: Recognizing the rights and contributions of older women
why climate change matters for gender equality. Photo: Md Harun Or Rashid
Research highlight|Environment
Why climate change matters for women
Survivors of the 7.7 magnitude earthquake keep warm by a fire in a temporary shelter in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey. The affected region of south-east Turkey and Syria was already severely disrupted by the nearly 12-year conflict in Syria, and ethnic tensions in Turkey. © UNICEF/Ölçer
Research highlight|Economic empowerment
Always on the frontline in every crisis
A nomadic woman herding goats in Mongolia. The Mongolian National Statistics Office, supported by Woman Count, has gathered data to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by women herders due to changing environmental factors. ©FAO/K.Purevraqchaa
Research highlight|Gender data gaps
Data on gender: seeing the true picture
Indigenous women of Guatemala’s Polochic valley, who are part of a UN programme to diversify incomes. ©UN Women/Ryan
Research highlight|Economic empowerment
Poverty is not gender-neutral
Women in Mexico City  joined the 25th of November demonstration raising awareness towards the elimination of violence against women and girls. Photo: UN Women/Dzilam Méndez
Research highlight|Ending violence against women
The power of women's activism: protests against gender-based violence during COVID-19
Chandra Kala Thapa works in the fields near Chatiune Village in Sindhuli Disrict, Nepal.     Photo: UN Women/Narendra Shrestha
Research highlight|SDG monitoring
It will take 22 years to close SDG gender data gaps
Sunita Rai, 40, lives in Chalna at Dacope upazila in Khulna. She suffers due to a spinal cord ailment for the last 16 years, which stemmed from an injection that was pushed into her during her C-section delivery. Her husband abandoned her after finding her in that state, and has not been in contact with her since. She lives with her mother. Before the coronavirus pandemic, she used to work as a tailor and embroider, whenever she felt fit. But that came to a halt soon amid the outbreak, as she was laid off.
Research highlight|Disabilities
Six ways women with disabilities have been affected by the pandemic
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