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COVID-19 emergency response activities, Madartek, Basabo, Dhaka. Photo: UN Women
Research highlight|Peace and security
Chronically underfunded, women peace builders need support more than ever
Data Bite|Gender and COVID-19
COVID-19 is driving women and girls deeper into poverty
Deliver for Good
Bending the Curve Towards Gender Equality
World Data Forum
Gender data story|Gender data
Integrate intersecting inequalities to leave no one behind
Photo: UN Women/Ploy Phutpheng
Research highlight|Gender and COVID-19
Global Gender Response Tracker assesses COVID-19 measures for women
Photo: UNDP Chad
Research highlight|Gender and COVID-19
The COVID-19 boomerang effect: New forecasts predict sharp increases in female poverty
Dana Smillie / World Bank
Gender data story|Gender data production and collection
In Kenya, committee makeover brings new players and more inclusive data
Beijing NGO Forum
Research highlight|SDG monitoring
Inequality, gender, and sustainable development: measuring feminist progress
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