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Nepal census gender-sensitive question LGBTIQ+
Impact story|Intersecting inequalities
LGBTIQ+ people feel counted through first gender-sensitive question in Nepal Census
Bangladesh time-use survey women's unpaid care. Halima Khatun helping her son with homework, Netrakona, Bangladesh. Photo: UN Women/Saikat Mojumder
Impact story|Gender data production and collection
Bangladesh blazes trails on measuring women's unpaid work
Guinea - Rural Women's Cooperative Generates Income and Improves Community Life
Research highlight|Environment
The road to a sustainable tomorrow: Tracking a COVID-19 gender-sensitive and green recovery
After flooding wiped out her livelihood, women-focused data-based disaster assistance helped Tran Thi Quyt bounce back quickly.  Photo: UN Women/Thao Hoang
Research highlight|Environment
Data on gender-specific environmental impacts ramps up, informing responses
Photo: UN Women/N. Shrestha
Research highlight|Gender and COVID-19
Five ways older women are affected by the pandemic
A Burmese migrant worker with her child in a field in Mae Sot, western Thailand. Photo: UN Women/Piyavit Thongsa-Ard
Research highlight|Economic empowerment
More than 2 million moms left the labour force in 2020 according to new global estimates
Photo: UNDP Chad
Research highlight|Gender and COVID-19
Poverty deepens for women and girls, according to latest projections
Photo: UN Women/Duples Plymouth Haiti earthquake gender equality and humanitarian action
Research highlight|Humanitarian action
Rapid gender analysis in Haiti reveals earthquake-related impacts on women and girls
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