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COVID-19: Emerging gender data and why it matters
COVID-19 survey guidance
Guidance|Gender and COVID-19
Guidance: Rapid gender assessment surveys on the impacts of…
Guidance: Rapid gender assessment surveys on the…

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What progress are we making on achieving gender equality in the SDGs? On the Women Count hub you will find updated data on gender-specific SDG indicators in one place. You can also find data for our flagship report Progress of the World’s Women along with data on women, peace and security, and violence against women. Coming soon: a transparency gateway on UN Women programme results.

Women Count

The need to produce relevant and quality gender-sensitive indicators to monitor the SDGs is now greater than ever. Yet, without investing in gender statistics, large data gaps will prevent us from successfully monitoring progress on the SDGs for women and girls.

UN Women’s strategy for change on gender data is Women Count. This programme has the goal to create a radical shift in how gender statistics are used, created, shared and accessed.

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